Homecoming Float Singers Needed

If you're interested in singing on the choir department homecoming float, auditions will be Monday, September 26th during the second half of Enrichment in Mr. Ryan's office. Below are two links: one to the original recording of the song we'll be performing (we'll need a few people to rotate singing this during the parade) and one to the karaoke track that will back the singer(s) on the float during the parade. It does not need to be memorized for the audition on Monday!

Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QORp2Gy54mI

Karaoke Track: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WYTICCIjjWM

Homecoming Float

If you would like to help build the choir department float for the Homecoming parade, come on by the choir room at 9:30AM Saturday, September 24th. We'll be painting some pieces for the float!

Homecoming Concessions - Help Needed!

If you'd like to represent the choral department by volunteering your time to work the concession stand at the Homecoming game on September 30th 4:30PM - 7PM, please email Mr. Ryan or Mrs. Burford! 

National Honor Choir Auditions

If you are interested in auditioning for the American Choral Directors Association National High School Honor Choir, please see the information at this website: 


And listen to the piece at this website:


To listen to the cut for the audition, begin listening to this recording at 1:55. Submissions are due by September 30th. Learning tracks are on the "Resources and Links" page!

Email Sign Up

Please register your email for MHS Vocal Music Updates! See the "Email Sign Up" page to get started.

Voice Lessons

Voice lessons begin the week of September 6th. Voice lesson passes for Mrs. Burford are now available for download and printing on the "Resources and Links" page. If you lose your voice lesson pass and need a new one, you are responsible for printing one off.

Handbook/Handbook Form

Our 2016-2017 Handbook is now on the website under "Resources and Links". Parents and students are asked to please carefully read through the handbook and return the handbook form to Mrs. Burford or Mr. Ryan by Friday, September 2nd!

Interested in supporting the MHS Choral Program?

Our Boosters have a great Partnership Program that you can become involved in! Donations earn incentives and support our Vocal Music Boosters, who in turn support our students in curricular and extra-curricular choirs. It's a great way to ensure a quality program and environment for our students. Details will be available at the Fall Concert on October 6th, or you can email Teale Burford or Jonathan Ryan for more information.

2016-2017 Highlights

IHSMA All-State Choir Auditionees

Olivia Bastin - Alto 1

Madison Bebber - Alto 1

Kaleb Drawbaugh - Tenor 2

Zeke Ellis - Tenor 2

Kendi Jones - Alto 1

Jaelynn Klein - Soprano 1

Joshua Lary - Tenor 1

McKenzie Lofgren - Soprano 1

Camilla McNeely - Soprano 2

Njeri Mungara - Alto 1

Elizabeth Richardson - Soprano 2

Allison Ryan - Alto 2

Elizabeth Shield - Alto 2

Leah Shield - Soprano 2

Zoie Stafford - Soprano 1

Tory Thompson - Alto 2

Good luck to all!

OPUS 9th Grade Honor Choir

Olivia Bastin - Alto

McKenzie Lofgren - Soprano

Mycah Reiland - Soprano

Drake Rudolph - Tenor

Emma Sand - Alto

Jonathan Taverna - Tenor

2015 - 2016 Highlights

IHSMA All-State Choir Accepted

Emma Auberg - Soprano 1

Madison Bebber - Alto 1

Kaleb Drawbaugh - Tenor 2

Mollie Juehring - Soprano 1

Jaelynn Klein - Soprano 1

Joshua Lary - Tenor 2

Emily Much - Alto 1

Joshua Pautz - Baritone

Donovan Peniston - Tenor 2

Leah Shield - Soprano 2

1st Alternate: Collin Wettach - Baritone

We haven't had this many students chosen for All-State in more than a decade--congratulations to all!!

Iowa All-State Choir Auditionees

Emma Auberg - Soprano 1

Madison Bebber - Alto 1

Kaleb Drawbaugh - Tenor 2

Krystal Hidlebaugh - Soprano 1

Kendi Jones - Alto 1

Mollie Juehring - Soprano 1

Jaelynn Klein - Soprano 1

Joshua Lary - Tenor 2

Emma Mauck - Alto 2

Emily Much - Alto 1

Grant Nollette - Tenor 1

Joshua Pautz - Baritone

Donovan Peniston - Tenor 2

Allison Ryan - Alto 2

Elizabeth Shield - Alto 2

Leah Shield - Soprano 2

Zoie Stafford - Soprano 2

Collin Wettach - Baritone

Good luck to all!

OPUS 9th Grade Honor Choir 

Zeke Ellis - Tenor


IHSMA State Jazz Choir Contest

Congratulations to MHS Jazz, Etc., on their Division I "Outstanding" rating! Thank you to all who participated, volunteered, and helped in the planning and execution of this event.

ICDA All-State Jazz Choir Auditionees

Emma Auberg - Soprano

Arely Romero - Alto

Solo/Ensemble Contest Participants

A Cappella Chamber Choir

Alana Rominger and Rachel Ness - Duet

Arys Brackett, Margaret Compton, and Rachel Ness - Trio

Leah Shield, Elizabeth Shield, and Madison Bebber - Trio

Jessie Gray - Trio

Arely Romero and Josiah Fentress - Duet


Emily Fillmore and Friends

Emily Haney

Karissa Burton

Kaleb Drawbaugh

Elizabeth Hurlbut

Njeri Mungara

Yahzmeen Wooten

Claysha O'Neill

Mollie Juehring

Adrianna Elgatian

Kennedy Williams

Oscar Campos

Maggi Moore

Joshua Pautz

Nick Rice

Madison Whittaker

Kendi Jones

Joshua Lary

Trey Delano

Megan Keitel

Krystal Hidlebaugh

Emma Mauck

Donovan Peniston

Emma Auberg

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